Botox in Knoxville

Look and Feel More Youthful with Botox

With customized Botox ® treatments, you can virtually erase lines and wrinkles and visually turn back the hands of time without surgery.

At Shea Aesthetic Clinic in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, you have access to some of the most experienced and talented Botox injectors in East Tennessee.

Our skilled professionals specialize in administering Botox injections in a way that helps our clients achieve a more youthful, natural, and refreshed look.

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What is Botox?

Botox is an injectable cosmetic product.

Botox is the brand name of a protein made by the Clostridium botulinum bacteria.

Botox, when used appropriately, by a skilled provider, has many benefits. In very small doses Botox is safe and has very few side effects.

Botox in Knoxville as a treatment is a simple. It temporarily smooths, treats, and prevents moderate to severe frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet.

One 15 minute treatment and a few tiny injections provides a noticeable improvement in those unwanted fine lines and wrinkles.

Wrinkle reduction occurs within a few days and the results of Botox injections last about 3 to 4 months.

Science Behind Botox

Botox, also known as a “neuromodulator,” is a highly purified form of botulinum toxin used to treat the wrinkles that form from facial muscle movement.

When injected into muscle, Botox blocks the nerve signals from your brain to that muscle. This prevents the muscle from contracting, essentially freezing the targeted muscles.

Immobilizing the muscle prevents the skin in that area from creasing. The lack of movement helps smooth out those pesky lines and wrinkles.

Are Botox Injections Safe?

More than 30 years of research has proven Botox to be a safe and effective treatment for reducing wrinkles.

The FDA has approved botulinum toxin under the brand names Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Daxxify, and Jeauveau for treatment of facial wrinkles.

In addition to Botox in Knoxville, Shea Aesthetic Clinic also offers Knoxville and Oak Ridge area patients Dysport and Daxxify.

Wrinkle Treatment With Botox in Knoxville and Oak Ridge Areas

Repeated muscle contractions from frowning, squinting, or raising eyebrows cause the skin to furrow and fold, gradually resulting in the formation of facial lines.

Dynamic wrinkles are often referred to as “expression lines” including frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines, and ‘11s’ between the eyebrows.

The most common areas for facial wrinkles are on the forehead, around the eyes and mouth, and between the eyebrows.

Botox is effective at reducing and smoothing out these dynamic wrinkles.

Botox works beneath the surface to temporarily reduce the underlying muscle activity that causes moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines in adults – to help them look and feel better.

When injected in the muscles, the affected muscles are temporarily paralyzed or weakened. Without movement in these muscles, the wrinkles are softened, reduced, and even removed.

Wrinkle Prevention With Botox in Knoxville and Oak Ridge Areas

Botox is great at treating and reducing wrinkles, but it can also prevent wrinkle formation. This is why people start receiving Botox in their 20s and 30s. Starting Botox early will keep your skin looking youthful and wrinkle-free.

When Botox relaxes the facial muscles, the skin over the muscle can’t crease. If the skin never creases, wrinkles will never form in that area.

Receiving Botox before wrinkles are visible can delay the need for more invasive anti-aging treatments later. If you already have wrinkles, they will not continue to worsen or become deeper thanks to Botox.

Botox can also be used to help give specific muscles a lift.

For example, if you wish to have a higher arch to your eyebrow, Botox can be injected under the brow to target the muscle surrounding the eye. This is call a “brow lift.” When this part of the muscle is relaxed, it creates a lifting effect at the outer aspect of the brow and opens up the outer portion of the eyes. Receiving a brow lift with Botox gives you a rested and refreshed look, it increases the upper lid show, and feminizes the appearance of the eyes.

Does Botox Treatment Work?

Yes! The effects of Botox are typically seen 2-10 days after injections and last about three to four months. After that, additional treatments are needed to maintain results.

A major benefit of Botox in Knoxville and Oak Ridge patients is the lack of downtime. Normal daily activities can resume immediately after treatment.

Can Botox Be Used In Places Other Than The Face?

There are several popular non-cosmetic uses for Botox:

  • Botox injections in the armpits can decrease hyperhidrosis (excess armpit sweating)
  • Botox injections in the trapezius and upper neck muscles can help treat and prevent migraine headaches
  • Injections of Botox in the jaw muscle (masseter) can be used to decrease teeth grinding and improve temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction
  • Masseter Botox injections can also decrease the size of the jaw muscles to give a slightly more slender appearance to the face

Will Botox Make Me Look Fake?

You are beautiful!

Wrinkles are a normal part of aging.

Our goal with Botox at Shea Aesthetic Clinic is to help you look and feel a little refreshed, but still like you.

We’ll help you achieve your aesthetic goals and increase your confidence by using Botox to enhance your own natural beauty.

We’ll use Botox to provide a little tune-up to help you feel like the best version of you.

We focus on providing Botox safely and delivering natural, beautiful results.

Aging gracefully is our specialty and we would love to help you restore and rediscover that youthful version of yourself.

Botox Treatment Areas

Botox ® is used in the following areas of the face:

  • Frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Horizontal forehead lines
  • Crow’s feet at the outer corners of the eyes
  • Shaping and lifting the eyebrows
  • Bunny lines on the nose
  • Vertical lip lines
  • Chin dimpling
  • Vertical neck bands
  • Nefertiti neck lift to enhance the jawline
  • Marionette lines
  • Masseters (jaw muscles) to relax teeth clenching

Possible Side Effects of Botox

There are risks associated with any beauty procedure or medical treatment.

Two factors contribute to most of the adverse side effects of Botox: the person using the needle and where the Botox is injected.

The most common side effects of Botox injections are bruising and occasionally, swelling.

Some less common side effects of Botox are:

  • Ptosis (the dreaded “eyelid droop”),
  • Heavy feeling around the eye or brow area.

These typically happen when the injection is administered incorrectly.

When Botox injections are placed too close to the eye, the medication can temporarily weaken the lifting muscles of the eyelid. This can cause eyelid ptosis.

Giving Botox too close to the eye brows can lead to a heavy eye brow, or a brow ptosis.

The best way to lower your chances of experiencing complications is to visit a licensed, experienced medical professional for your Botox injections.

To learn how Botox can help you look and feel more youthful, rested and refreshed, schedule a consultation with our nurse injector specialist Stacy Swiney, RN BSN or Dr. Kirk Bass at Shea Aesthetic Clinic today. 

During your consultation, we’ll discuss your individual needs and goals and create a customized treatment plan just for you. Following this plan will make it simple for you to maintain your healthy, beautiful skin.

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