How to Get Semaglutide in Mississippi and West Virginia

Mississippi and West Virginia Have Banned Compounded Semaglutide

The boards of pharmacy in Mississippi and West Virginia have banned the use of compounded Semaglutide.

“Compounded Semaglutide” means a compounding pharmacy made the medication… not the medication’s founding pharmaceutical company, Novo Nordisk.

This new ruling has left thousands of patients scrambling to figure out how to get Semaglutide.

In fact, many people in Mississippi and West Virginia can no longer get the medication at all.

Why not?

Mainly because they can’t afford it.

Semaglutide provided by compounding pharmacies is the least expensive form of the medication.

Unfortunately for patients in Mississippi and West Virginia, this less pricy option is no longer locally available to them.

What Are the Different Forms of Semaglutide?

Semaglutide, Wegovy® and Ozepmic® are different names for the same medication.

Semaglutide is the drug name. Wegovy® and Ozepmic® are brand names. But they are all the same medication, much like Ibuprofen, Advil®, and Motrin® are the same medication.

Semaglutide, when provided by the drug company (Novo Nordisk), is dispensed under the brand names Wegovy® and Ozepmic®.

Wegovy® is the brand name of the medication when Semaglutide is prescribed for weight loss.

Ozepmic® is the brand name of the medication when Semaglutide is prescribed to help diabetic patients.

What is the Difference in Cost Between Wegovy®, Ozepmic® and Compounded Semaglutide?

The cost of Wegovy® and Ozepmic®, even with insurance, can be as high as $900 to $2000 per month.

The first one to two months’ supply of compounded semaglutide typically costs around $400.

The monthly price subsequently increases as the dosage increases.

After about 4 months of initial, lower pricing, patients typically pay around $400 to $700 per month for the compounded form of the medication.

$400 to $700 per month compares nicely to Novo Nordisk’s price of $900 to $2000 per month.

What is the Difference Between Compounded Semaglutide, Wegovy® and Ozepmic®

Do they all work the same for helping with diabetes and weight loss?

The simple answer is, yes they do work the same. Compounded Semaglutide, Wegovy® and Ozepmic® all help improve diabetes and promote weight loss.

Compounding pharmacies often combine medications with Semaglutide to increase effectiveness and improve patient tolerance.

Semaglutide from Novo Nordisk with the brand names Wegovy® and Ozepmic® is just Semaglutide. There are no other medications added to these forms of the medication.

Compounding pharmacies often combine Semaglutide with L-Carnitine and/or Vitamin B6.

L-Carnitine is an amino acid that helps the body burn fat for energy. L-Carnitine may increase Semaglutide’s effectiveness for weight loss.

Vitamin B6 helps decrease nausea, which is a common side effect of Semaglutide.

Vitamin B6 also decreases homocysteine levels. Homocysteine is an amino acid that can play a role in depression.

Overall, compounded Semaglutide and Wegovy® and Ozepmic® are the same medication. However, compounded Semaglutide (combined with other medications) may provide:

  • Increased effectiveness
  • Improved tolerance
  • Reduced cost

How is it That Compounding Pharmacies Can Make Semaglutide?

Due to Semaglutide’s popularity and effectiveness, Novo Nordisk is unable to manufacture sufficient supply to meet demands.

Therefore, the FDA placed Semaglutide on the National Drug Shortage List.

When medications are placed on the National Drug Shortage List, compounding pharmacies have the FDA’s permission to make the medication.

If this were not the case, production of Semaglutide by compounding pharmacies would violate Novo Nordisk’s patent on the medication.

With compounding pharmacies and Novo Nordisk both making Semaglutide, there is enough medication available to meet current demand.

However, this is no longer the case in Mississippi and West Virginia.

What Other Factors Limit Access to Semaglutide in Mississippi and West Virginia?

As discussed above, the main issue is cost.

However, there are additional reasons why it is difficult to get a prescription for Semaglutide in Mississippi and West Virginia:

  • Insufficient medication supply
  • Strict insurance company guidelines to qualify for payment

Making Semaglutide available from compounding pharmacies addresses these issues:

  • Medication supply is adequate to meet the demand
  • Patients can receive the compounded medication without using insurance

Interestingly, its less expensive to receive compounded Semaglutide from a medical weight loss clinic than it is to get a prescription for Wegovy® or Ozepmic® and use health insurance to help pay for the medication.

Overall, compounded Semaglutide improves access to the medication and makes the process of receiving it fairly simple and easy.

How Can People in Mississippi or West Virginia Get Semaglutide?

Shea Aesthetic Clinic offers a telemedicine program that provides Semaglutide and weight loss counseling, coaching, and support to anyone outside of the Knoxville/Oak Ridge area.

Call (865) 294-4114 or text (877) 585-0091 and ask about shipping Semaglutide to those not in the Knoxville/Oak Ridge areas.

Steps to receive Semaglutide:

  • Set up a weight loss consultation with board certified physician, Dr. Kirk Bass. A consultation fee of $50 will be applied to the cost of your first month’s supply of Semaglutide.
  • Dr. Bass will help you weigh the risks and benefits of this medication and determine if it is right for you.
  • Agree to follow the recommended nutrition and exercise counsel.
  • Agree to follow a weight loss plan that will be designed to meet your individual needs and goals.
  • Weigh yourself at least once a week with a scale that measures muscle mass.
  • Have monthly virtual visits with our nutrition and exercise specialist. These visits keep you on track with diet and exercise while optimizing weight loss with proper Semaglutide dosing.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about semaglutide, call, text, or email us anytime.

Our weight loss team will provide you with the support and resources you need to succeed in your weight loss journey during and after stopping Semaglutide.

Have questions? Check out our Semaglutide blog.

What is Semaglutide?

Semaglutide is an FDA approved medication for the treatment of weight loss and diabetes.

It’s most commonly delivered as a weekly injection.

Semaglutide is safe and effective (see our Semaglutide webpage for a complete list of known side effects of the medication).

Semaglutide improves:

  • Diabetes
  • Weight loss
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Heart attack risk
  • Stroke risk

Overall, Semaglutide helps people live happier, more healthy lives.

Shea Aesthetic Clinic is the Highest Rated Medical Spa in the Knoxville and Oak Ridge areas. You have given us this rating because we are compassionate, competent, and kind. Please let us help you on your weight loss journey.

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