Hyperpigmentation Treatment in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Safely Achieve a more Uniform Skin Tone

Hyperpigmentation can significantly impact your appearance, often giving a false impression of aging. The challenge with hyperpigmentation is that it frequently resists improvement through over-the-counter products alone, causing frustration for many. Fortunately, effective hyperpigmentation treatments exist, which can greatly reduce or even eliminate the issue altogether.

At Shea Aesthetic Clinic in Oak Ridge, TN, we provide hyperpigmentation treatments for patients throughout the Knoxville area. We focus on personalized care and are committed to delivering solutions that enhance your skin’s tone and texture, using the latest skincare technology and treatment methods.

Understanding Hyperpigmentation and Its Causes

Hyperpigmentation refers to areas of skin that become darker than the surrounding skin, often presenting as dark spots, patches, or general discoloration. This condition results from an excess production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin color, and affects individuals of all skin types.

Several factors contribute to hyperpigmentation. This includes sun exposure, which can increase melanin production, leading to sunspots or age spots, especially in areas frequently exposed to the sun. Hormonal influences are another common cause, with conditions such as melasma causing darkened areas of skin. Additionally, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can occur following skin injuries or inflammation, resulting in dark spots that emerge during the skin’s healing process.

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Our Hyperpigmentation Treatment Options

IPL or Photofacial

IPL therapy, or intense pulsed light therapy, is used to treat various skin conditions, including hyperpigmentation, sun damage, rosacea, age spots, and vascular impurities. IPL works by emitting a range of light waves targeted at the dermis. The dermis is the second layer of the skin. IPL penetrates without harming the epidermis, the skin’s outer layer.

Depending on what issue is being treated, this light is absorbed by either the pigment cells or blood vessels in the area. For hyperpigmentation, the light targets the melanin (pigment) in the darkened area and breaks it down, which is then naturally removed by the body’s immune system. This process reduces the appearance of age spots, sun spots, or dark spots.

LaseMD Ultra Laser

The LaseMD Ultra laser is an advanced, non-ablative fractional laser treatment used for skin rejuvenation. It addresses various concerns, including hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture, and overall skin tone. Unlike ablative lasers that remove the top layer of skin, non-ablative lasers heat the underlying skin tissue without harming the surface, leading to less downtime and a more comfortable recovery. This makes LaseMD Ultra Laser an appealing option as a hyperpigmentation laser treatment with minimal interruption to daily life.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are cosmetic treatments that improve and smooth the skin’s texture, primarily on the face, but can be appropriate for multiple areas on the body. They involve applying a chemical solution to the skin, which causes the top layers to exfoliate and eventually peel off. The new skin that replaces it is usually smoother and less wrinkled and may have less hyperpigmentation than the old skin.

Chemical peels are used to treat various skin issues for our Oak Ridge and Knoxville-area patients, including acne scars, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, freckles, and hyperpigmentation. Chemical peels also improve the overall texture and tone of the skin, serving as an effective dark spot removal and skin discoloration treatment.


Dermaplaning is a cosmetic treatment that involves gently scraping the skin’s surface with a sterile, surgical scalpel to remove dead skin cells and fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). This non-invasive treatment aims to make the skin’s surface smooth, youthful, and radiant. It is commonly used to improve the appearance of the skin, enhancing its texture and tone.

Skincare Products


SkinMedica leverages cutting-edge science to formulate products that effectively address a multitude of skin concerns, including the challenge of hyperpigmentation. Its product lineup is designed to rejuvenate the skin, promoting a healthier, more even complexion.

Skinbetter Science®

Skinbetter Science stands at the forefront of skincare innovation, offering products combining science and beauty to achieve noticeable skin improvements. The brand’s Even Tone Correcting Serum™ is a standout, designed with advanced technologies to significantly diminish the look of dark spots and uneven skin tone. By focusing on rigorous research and clinical testing, Skinbetter Science ensures its products meet the highest standards for effectiveness and safety.


SkinCeuticals sets the gold standard for antioxidant-rich skincare, offering products meticulously formulated to protect skin from environmental damage while addressing existing issues such as hyperpigmentation. By prioritizing skin health and integrity, SkinCeuticals aids in achieving a luminous, evenly-toned complexion through science-driven skincare routines.

Revision Skincare®

Revision Skincare distinguishes itself with innovative products that harness the power of advanced sciences to effectively treat hyperpigmentation and other skin concerns. Through a blend of proprietary technologies and critical ingredients. Revision Skincare is a trusted name among skincare professionals and enthusiasts. Their products work synergistically to improve skin appearance and health, contributing to a holistic approach to skin pigmentation treatment.

FAQs About Hyperpigmentation Treatments

While individual results vary, many patients see noticeable skin improvements within a few weeks following the initial treatment. For some treatments, optimal results are achieved over several sessions, with progressive improvements seen with each treatment.

To maintain the results of your hyperpigmentation treatment, we recommend a daily skincare routine that includes sun protection, especially sunscreen with high SPF. Avoiding direct sun exposure and wearing protective clothing also helps maintain your results. Our skincare experts will provide personalized advice on skincare products and routines to support and prolong your treatment outcomes.

The best way to determine the most appropriate hyperpigmentation treatment for your needs is to schedule a consultation with one of our skincare professionals. During your consultation, we’ll evaluate your skin, discuss your concerns and goals, and recommend a personalized treatment plan tailored to achieve optimal results for your specific type of hyperpigmentation.

Discover Clearer, Brighter Skin with Hyperpigmentation Treatments in Oak Ridge, TN

Shea Aesthetic Clinic in Oak Ridge, TN, boasts over 75 years of combined experience in aesthetics. We provide personalized and effective hyperpigmentation treatment using advanced technology and premium skincare products, making us a leading destination for this service in the Knoxville area. If you’re ready to say goodbye to dark spots and uneven skin tone, we invite you to book a consultation. Let our experienced aesthetic experts guide you toward the clear, radiant skin you deserve. Contact us online or call (865) 294-4114 today to begin your journey to a more beautiful you.