With Radiofrequency Energy

Smoother, Brighter, Tighter Skin

Morpheus8 is the MOST POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE FACIAL REJUVENATION TECHNOLOGY at Shea Aesthetic Clinic for the treatment of both SUPERFICIAL skin problems such as skin tone, texture, sun-damage, fine lines, and large pores, as well as DEEP textural concerns such as skin laxity (loose, crepey skin), deep wrinkles and vascular problems (broken vessels, spider veins, and rosacea). Morpheus8 is also an excellent treatment for scars anywhere on the body and it is particularly effective at treating ACNE SCARS.

Facial Rejuvenation with Morpheus8 gives you SMOOTHER, BRIGHTER, TIGHTER SKIN for a healthier, younger looking you. Serving greater Knoxville and Oak Ridge area.

What is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 COMBINES microneedling AND Radiofrequency energy. It delivers RF energy into the skin through an array of tiny needles. The treatment works so well because it activates the skin’s natural ability to repair itself. The combination of micro-injuries from the needles and heat (RF energy) triggers the release of growth factors which initiate the skin’s own healing process. This INCREASES COLLAGEN PRODUCTION. The increased and restructured collagen RESURFACES, RESTORES, and REJUVENATES the skin. This is how Morpheus8 provides younger appearing skin with improved tone and texture. The skin continues repairing itself for months after the treatment is complete.

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What is the Benefit of Facial Rejuvenation with Morpheus8?


Of all the methods that can reverse the signs of aging, there is no better treatment than Morpheus8 for skin resurfacing and facial rejuvenation. Morpheus8 is like microneedling on steroids. It will renew your skin and take years off your appearance as it tightens and lifts your skin.

Morpheus8 provides anti-aging improvements through fractional ABLATION AND SKIN RESURFACING. Fractional ablation leaves portions of healthy, intact skin while creating controlled injury to other parts of the skin. The untreated skin between the ablated areas promotes FASTER HEALING of the treated areas.

Morpheus8 was developed to provide patients SMOOTHER, BRIGHTER, TIGHTER SKIN. The results are superior to those obtained by fully fractional or ablative (vaporizing) lasers. Since there is less skin injury with Morpheus8 than with lasers, there is LESS DISCOMFORT and LESS DOWNTIME.

Morpheus8 is safe for all skin colors and skin types.

Where can Microneedling with Radiofrequency be used?

The most commonly treated areas include the face, neck, and décolleté. Some patients focus treatment around and under the eyes, or on smile lines, forehead, cheeks, and mouth area. Any areas with wrinkles, loose skin, scars, discoloration, and texture problems can be treated.

How does Microneedling with Radiofrequency Energy work?

Morpheus8 delivers precisely controlled amounts of Radiofrequency (RF) energy through the needles into the skin. The RF energy can be applied just at the tip (coated needles) or all along with the needles (uncoated needles). The type of needles used depends on the goal of treatment and the patient skin type.

Applying energy all along the needles creates ablative micro-holes in the skin surrounded by large areas of untreated skin. The energy released from the needles passes from needle tip to needle tip which causes heating deep within the dermis. The combination of controlled injuries (from needles and heat) stimulates the formation of NEW COLLAGEN AND ELASTIN. This procedure causes the skin to TIGHTEN, SMOOTH AND CLEAR as the tiny holes initiate the skin’s natural healing process.

With coated pins, the energy is applied only at the needle tips. This allows us to treat darker skin without the risks of scarring or pigmentation changes. This tightens and smooths the treated areas resulting in more healthy, natural, and younger looking skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Morpheus8 uses a sterile, single-use disposable treatment head with a grid pattern of 24 microneedles. The treatment area is numbed with a topical cream. The Morpheus8 applicator inserts the microneedles briefly into the skin. This process is repeated in patterns to entirely cover the treatment area.

Visible results are seen within 2-3 days after treatment. After TWO WEEKS very noticeable results will be apparent. After this procedure, collagen and elastin production continue to increase for the next three to four months. So, the final result is seen three to four months after treatment completion.

ONE MORPHEUS8 TREATMENT, especially when combined with other procedures like Photofacial and Botox + Fillers, will create an incredible rejuvenation of the skin. However, most patients need more than one treatment. A series of 3-4 treatments are the most common treatment plan, however, the number of treatments needed depends upon the severity of skin problems present. Treatments are spaced 4 weeks apart. The MAXIMUM BENEFIT of Morpheus8 will be noticed three to four months after the last treatment and will LAST FOR AT LEAST 12-18 MONTHS.

Collagen stimulation and growth will be maintained at a maximal level by returning for maintenance treatments every six to twelve months.

Immediately after treatment, you may have some pinpoint bleeding from the puncture sites. This is normal and will quickly stop. Expect to have the sensation of a mild sunburn with redness, tingling, tightness, slight swelling, and some skin flaking for a few days after treatment. Typically, these effects last about 2-4 days

Patients with significant skin problems can expect slight redness for up to 1 week as higher energies will be required for adequate treatment.

YES. Combining Morpheus8 with LaseMD Ultra laser especially improves the skin tightening effect on wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, and jowl areas. For a real “WOW” transformation, combine Microneedling with RadioFrequency Energy (Morpheus8) with Photofacial treatments, Botox and soft tissue fillers.

Our team members at Shea will help you know what combination of treatments will give you the best result. Combining treatments in addition to the use of excellent skin care products at home will create and maintain dramatic improvements in the healthy and youthful appearance of your skin.

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