Best Cellulite Treatment Options

There are different types of cellulite. Some types make the skin’s surface appear wavy or lumpy, other types appear as shallow puckering or deeper dimples. Most women have more than one type of cellulite. Cellulite is caused by fibrous connective bands between your skin and the muscle beneath the skin’s surface. These bands pull your skin down in places. Treatments that actually work to get rid of cellulite release/remove these fibrous bands. Once the bands are gone, the skin can flatten out and be smooth again. Skin laxity worsens the appearance of cellulite. Often women need treatments for both cellulite and skin laxity.

Dr. Bass and the experienced team of Aestheticians at Shea Aesthetic Clinic offer several options to treat your cellulite and skin laxity.

1. QWO®

QWO is an FDA approved treatment for cellulite. It is injected directly into the fibrous bands that pull the skin down and make it appear dimpled. After three sets of injections, given three weeks apart, the fibrous bands and the dimples they cause are dissolved and gone! Treatment with QWO is simple. Each visit takes about an hour. Three visits and you’re done!

2. Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency should be used when skin laxity is present. Radiofrequency works by heating the skin to about 109°F for at least 30 minutes. This degree of heat stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin and tightens the skin. There are several devices that deliver radiofrequency to the skin. The experienced aestheticians at Shea will help you choose the right device (Evolve TITE, Exilis, and Forma) for you. Evolve TITE is an excellent and comfortable way to debulk deep pockets of fat.

3. Radiofrequency plus Microneedling

Morpheus8 delivers radiofrequency energy directly to the subcutaneous tissue where fat lives. It also delivers radiofrequency energy directly into the dermis. The energy is delivered through a set of microneedles. Your skin is made numb for this procedure. This is the most powerful way to tighten loose, saggy skin and to debulk superficial fat in the treated areas.

4. Radiofrequency plus High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy

Emsculpt Neo uses radiofrequency plus High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy (HIFEM), to tighten skin, burn fat, and build muscle in the areas that are treated.

5. Subcision

For this procedure, typically a surgeon or a dermatologist uses a specialized needle to precisely cut the fibrous bands beneath dimples, allowing the skin to bounce back to the desired smooth appearance. Subcision is fast, however, most patients experience pain and bruising for several days afterward. Shea doesn’t offer Subcision because they can provide the same excellent results using non-invasive, non-surgical techniques with less downtime and minimal to no discomfort and pain.

85% of women have cellulite. You don’t have to be one of them!

A personal consultation with Dr. Bass is the best way to determine which type of cellulite you have and the best way to get rid of it. Since it is not unusual to have different types of cellulite and skin laxity as well, he often combines treatment options to give patients the results they want.

The treatments will span over a period of 6 weeks to 3 months depending on the type of cellulite you have. So be thinking about upcoming events and plan accordingly.

Ready to Wave Goodbye to Dimpled Skin?

We know you would much rather have silky smooth skin and shapely contours than unevenness and dimples. The team at Shea Aesthetic Clinic has over 85 years of combined experience in the field of aesthetics and is one of the highest-rated medical spas in East Tennessee. Please know that we’re here to help you.

Ready to Wave Goodbye to Dimpled Skin?

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